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Our Rescue Partners

Anarchy Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation was founded in December of 2010 to focus on the need and desire to help address two major animal crises in this country - abandoned, unwanted, and surrendered adoptable pets and the mistreatment, neglect and abuse of animals imprisoned in puppy mills. Our goal is to find exceptionally loving homes, for as many pets as we can take into foster homes, care for them medically, rehabilitate them, then seek placement in permanent homes, where their new parents will provide optimal living conditions for the remainder of their lives. 

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Our mission is simple. We assist shelter, abused, and neglected animals in finding their purpose in life through rehabilitation and training. 


We believe in helping cats and dogs get a second chance in life. Through their interactions with people they can bring hope to others. There is always hope.... all is not lost. One at a time, we strive to make a difference. The Beatles were right "Love IS all you need." 


Our goal is to create programs designed to benefit both people and animals in their daily life interactions. We believe both human and animal alike deserve assistance and a second chance.


We strive to be a resource for rescue groups by providing training and education to shelter pets and rescue volunteers.


If you are looking for a pet... shoot us an email at and we will help you find the right match for your family.... because that is what rescue really is. Rescue is about making families. Rescued is our FAVORITE breed.

Foster. Rehabilitate. Train.


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Our Mission is to Rescue Dogs in Need.  A New York based not for profit 501(C)3 rescue focusing on super senior and high need dogs.

100% Foster Based

Since our rescues are primarily high need dogs, they never stay in a boarding facility.  Our rescues are placed with fosters who give them plenty of love and attention!


If you are interested in opening your heart and your home to one of these special dogs, please use our foster or adoption applications!

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The idea for Tommy’s House started many years ago with the birth of two little kittens, Tommy and Buddy in Jean’s backyard.  They were sickly so she nursed them back to health, had them neutered and vaccinated and they came to live in their new home with Linda.  The two boys did well in their new home and got along well with the other cats she had.  At age 2 1/2 years old, Tommy suddenly became seriously ill.  Linda took care off him for a  little over two weeks when he took a turn for the worse and Linda decided it was time to ”let him go to the angels”.  I was a very sad time for all involved.  That Christmas, Jean gave Linda a framed  poster size photo of Tommy.  It was at that moment that they decided they would start an animal rescue and name it after their beloved cat, Tommy…..making something good out of something sad!


Many of the cats that have been in our care had been deemed “unadoptable” and written off. Several came from unfortunate circumstances and were in bad shape both physically and emotionally. We found that with a lot of time, patience and TLC, these cats have made great strides and now have the happy lives they deserve.

Unfortunately there is a growing number of stray/feral cats right here in our own backyard.  One of our goals is to help educate the public about spay/neuter programs and assist community members in decreasing these numbers!  It’s got to start somewhere.

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The Adoption Center NY, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 all-volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of puppies and dogs, kittens, cats, who have been abandoned, abused, neglected, sick or otherwise unwanted.  These are wonderful animals who would otherwise have been destroyed either in kill shelters, or die by the cruelty of a homeless life on the streets.

We also work to educate people and stimulate interest and concern in the prevention of abuse and neglect of cats and dogs via our own efforts as well as   cooperate, co-sponsor and otherwise engage in concerted action with various recognized organizations, both private and governmental agencies, in fighting the abuse and neglect of animals

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We are a small Not-For-Profit, Volunteer Only organization on the North Fork of Long Island, New York. We are made up of educators, students, activists, long time rescuers and local residents that strive to protect and assist the feral cat population through TNR (trap, neuter, return).  Likewise, we focus our attention to cat rehabilitation and assist dogs that need placement when we are called to help. Among our efforts are educating those around us about the feral cat population and helping Long Islanders protect and preserve Long Island's North Fork land and wildlife.


Our mission extends to advocacy and educating the very young to the very young at heart about animal health and safety. Volunteers help to promote our love of animals. We assist when we can and however possible. We show compassion to all and are a cross curricular/cross generational group that fosters altruism and tenacity through our Junior Volunteer and Rescue Vixens programs.

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Our Mission

To give homeless animals a clear second chance at a happy and healthy life by constantly maximizing our efforts to rescue, shelter, medicate, and rehabilitate those who cannot help themselves.

Our Purpose

To make the maximum positive effect and to take actions that make long-lasting differences. With every life we save and forever home we find, another animal in need is given a second chance at life, love, and happiness.

Our Vision

To limit overpopulation of animals by building a community that values the lives of their animals and others’ through education, unconditional love, respect, transparency, and responsible pet ownership.

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